My Vend Track 3.0 Beta Is Here
By MyVendTrack on December 25, 2014 - 0 Comments

My Vend Track 3.0

My Vend Track 3.0 is finally here. I started rewriting this site from scratch in September and have worked hard to bring the users something of value. This beta release is meant to get users using My Vend Track 3.0 so I can get feedback and make changes according to what the users need and want. The biggest improvements can be seen in the following areas and the video highlights some of them.
  • Inventory Management: The inventory management in 2.0 had some bugs. With 3.0 most of those bugs should be gone. The inventory management in 3.0 is also a lot more extensive and detailed as shown in the video.
  • User Management: The ability to have users was one of the main reasons for a complete rewrite of the site. The new user management system of 3.0 is very extensive and detailed. Almost every action throughout the system can be turned on or off for any user. For example, if you want a user to only be able to add expenses to one of your machines, you could set up a user to only add expenses to one machine. The video also gives an example of the user management system.
  • Servicing Machines: All actions for a single machine are now on one page. The "Machine Timeline" is also being introduced as seen in the video. This is a timeline of all actions performed on the machine by date.
  • Product Tracking: Products are now being tracked. The system now keeps records of what products were in which slots in a single machine over time so we can query that data and see how a certain product did compared to another.
  • Scheduled Tasks: Another big request was the ability to schedule taxes and commissions to reoccur on certain days. For example, from any machine page, users now have the ability to schedule a tax or commission and specify how often it should occur.
I rewrote My Vend Track 3.0 from the ground up and therefore it is going to be totally separate from My Vend Track 2.0. So, all current users will need to sign up for 3.0 and start a new. Don't fear, 2.0 and all your data will always be accessible (keep reading). I had to do this simply because 2.0 was not built with these new, big features in mind and adding these features to 2.0 would have taken at least 3 times the amount of time rewriting it from scratch took. Also, from here on out 3.0 is much more maintainable from a coding standpoint meaning adding features and fixing bugs will be faster and easier.

My Vend Track 3.0 beta is meant to be vending management software that is easy, simple, and affordable, while meeting vendors needs. The mobile site has also been redone and is even more mobile friendly than the 2.0 version was. As always, I will listen to all your requests and try to keep updating the site in order to benefit you the users. I really do believe that 3.0 is a huge step up from 2.0 and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Now, because so many kept asking for me to launch 3.0, I put a few of the features off but they have not be forgotten! I will be adding these features after the initial launch of the 3.0 beta.
  • Referral Bonus: Something along the lines of a free month, money back, for each paying user referred. Nothing is set in stone yet.
  • Estimate Products: The ability for the system to estimate number of product and inventory needed. Alert user when products and inventory is low.
  • Combine Service Options: When servicing a machine the new "Machine Timeline" has 6 actions users can perform. The idea is to add all these into one pop up similar to the one in 2.0.
  • Service Route: Add a way to easily service all machines on a route.
  • FAQ Tab: This would be a simple FAQ tab with answers to the most asked questions regarding My Vend Track
  • Tutorials:Video tutorials outlining some of the more complex features of the site will be featured.
If you have any other ideas send them my way and I will add them to the list. I would like to thank all users for your support and patience since launching a little over a year ago. I hope this year I can make managing your vending business even easier!

My Vend Track 2.0

Since 3.0 is totally separate from 2.0. My Vend Track 2.0 and all its data will be left up and can always be accessed

From here on out I will not be supporting 2.0. Meaning, 2.0 will remain as it is right now until the end of time.

- Justin Stolpe
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