How It Started
Hi, my name is Justin Stolpe and I am the creator of My Vend Track. First off, a little bit about me. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin River Falls in May of 2011 with a bachelors degree in computer science and a minor in business management. At the time I was helping my parents keep track of their vending business by using paper and spreadsheets. That got old real quick.

One day I decided to look around online for ways that might help me be more efficient at tracking a vending business. I found one or two sites dedicated to this but they were not easy to use, and they were priced way to high. Not satisfied with what I had found, I created My Vend Track. My goal was to maximize effiency when managing a vending business. I wanted My Vend Track to have a simple user interface so users could manage their business with ease. I also want My Vend Track to be shaped by the users which is why there is a "Request Feature/Report Bug" form that any user can fill out.

Today I do not manage my parents vending business because they now use My Vend Track. My parents have saved lots of time compared to using the old paper and spreadsheets method. My ongoing goal is to keep making the My Vend Track better and better by listening to the users and what they want.
Unfortunately, I am no longer able to support My Vend Track (adding features, fixing bugs, etc.). Current users need NOT worry, the site WILL remain online, as is, into foreseeable future (at least 2019). Because of this, I am making it FREE to all users! Enjoy!

My Vend Track is competitively priced. Compared to the competition our system is much better. Our user interface is simple and does not leave users confused or lost. We have lots of great functionality to offer vendors and are constantly trying to make the site better. My Vend Track is also a fraction of the cost of our competitors.